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About Futureworks

Established in 1991 by well-known industry pioneer Chris Cullinane, Futureworks has developed a reputation for quality and technical innovation.

These attributes are reflected in the loyalty of our clients who value the opportunity to continually explore the best ways of applying both existing and emerging technologies to fulfil their needs.

One of the keys to Futureworks success in the business is our skill in choosing the appropriate equipment to provide reliable, integrated and easy to use presentation facilities. We take a consultative approach with the customer to clearly define the customer’s needs and then design the appropriate solution.

Our consultative approach to solution design and an independent selection of products results in the best value for money solution for our customers.

Futureworks lives up to its name by applying frontier technologies supported by good solid engineering.

We are an independent systems supplier able to provide any organization with the most appropriate and cost-effective technical solutions. This independence means our solutions can be supported by the most appropriate products. Importers and distributors of audio-visual equipment frequently recommend our company to customers seeking professional quality systems design, installation and support.


Futureworks has strong associations with other consultancies and technical resources, and this ability to network enhances the ability to perform in a wide range of disciplines.

Futureworks keeps up with the latest developments through membership of relevant industry organisations and subscriptions to leading industry publications. These resources encourage the company’s staff to innovate and expand their knowledge base constantly. Team members regularly attend international exhibitions and manufacturer’s training seminars.


Futureworks specializes in electronic design and installation projects. The nature of these activities places particular emphasis on integrity, expertise, quality, experience and reliability. The company’s management objective is to provide systems and services in a manner that meets all contractual and regulatory requirements, and exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Quality assurance is fundamental to all work undertaken by Futureworks and is practised by all personnel in their activities.


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